Location " Vogelvlucht " just above Oud-Sabbinge in "Sealand" of the Netherlands!

A peaceful and safe location for people with easy going psychiatric disorders like ASD .

Also read the following mostly used Diagnostic criteria for Asperger's Syndrome


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Black Holes

Our reality understood!

A non-reducible description of our Universe

Conclusions in English

What is Dark Matter made of?

Downloadable PDF's with results and conclusions.
26 particles
Elementary particles?
What is mass?
Spin in QM!
What the heck are spinless particles!?!

Hunting the Higgs

Gauge Symmetry is an anti-symmetrical symmetry!

Bell's frustrations about QM completely solved in this short weblog!

A Theory Of Everything
Mathematical Knots
Axioms of QFT
A Theory Of Everything!  
Our Big Bang


This is Tom de Hoop horse-driving with Choise.. .
Ir. M.T. de Hoop
Born on: 13-08-1965
in Delft

Final Conclusions:

Einstein's CAP demands all elementary particles to be described extended in the 2D-plane orthogonal to the direction of motion. This extendedness explains the QM spin completely. The elementary spinless (scalar) Higgs particle is fiction due to not taking into account the gravitational action in any QM analysis!
All 2D-string theories are mathematical wrong, because these theories assume a more then 4D-spacetime, of which 6 or 7 are contracted to the Planck-length! Moreover, Superstring only is valid if Super-Symmetry is valid. Super-Symmetry contradicts any valid non-reducible description of physics on all aspects!

CAP compliant QM explained!

My name is Tom (de Hoop).
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My greatest hobby is mathematical analysis of a model which explains all that's possible in our universe using a complete non-reducible description.
My goal is explaining
QM, where Particles can NOT be Point-Particles!
Because up to this véry day no-one seems to understand our Beautiful Reality!
Deriving Heisenberg's Uncertainty Relations from Ideal Harm. Oscillating Particles Orth. to the Direction-of-Motion.

Besides that I enjoy designing and creating electronics. For example the design and creation of a 128-bits digital stabilized class A tubes amplifier to REALLY get the MOST PURE If you can PROOF that OUR REALITY allows an analysis in móre dimensions than 4D-spacetime: Explain this to my "simplistic brain!" Otherwize just read: QM-Explained.
My physical hobbies are cycling and swimming.
Cycling is attractive to me, because while cycling you're outside, exercise, and are still able to investigate easily, because they are ÁLL IMAGINABLE mathematical problems!
Theories Of Everything explanation1 Theories Of Everything explanation2
Black Holes and Quark Confinement!???!
Is it possible to derive all axioms of physics from a mathematical analysis!?!

Designing and creating furniture also is one of my favorite hobbies. This is why I have a lot of tools available. I try to keep this set completely in order to be able to mend or create whatever is needed without any non available tools.  Click here to see My Creations

The Large Hadron CThe Large Hadron CThe Large Hadron Collider was build to check validity of the Standard Model of SR QFT.
Right now, almost all searched for bosons are elementary spinless bosons. The most eagerly wanted spinless boson being the massive Higgs boson.
QM completely explained in a correct description of a Theory Of Everything!
Hunting the Higgs boson! SuSy proven WRONG by LHC: Links! GR requires an Aether!

  Here the
Open DATA! LHC - its technical capabilities followed on technical grounds.. . LHC Updates!  CERN now re-directs all communication via Twitter! Hardware Commissioning Coordination of the LHC. latest info!

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