Location " Vogelvlucht " located at Oud-Sabbinge, near Goes in Zeeland, the Netherlands.

A peaceful and safe location for people with easy going psychiatric disorders like ASD .

Also read the following mostly used Diagnostic criteria for Asperger's Syndrome

Some useful creations

My deskspace, as designed for my studies. An adjustable reading table created for an aunt.
A wooden seat for 2 persons. A dust protecting plexiglass showcase.
SpeakerStand1 Chickenhome1 Chickenhome2 Chickenhome3 Chickenhome4 Chickenhome5
SpeakerStand2 Chickenhome6 Chickenhome7 Chickenhome8 Collector1 Collector2 Window
SpeakerStand3 Plexicase2 Plexicase3 Scannersupport Birthdaychair The chair is completed!

The introduction of the red birthday chair A wardrobe cabinet Bed table

OK Vogelvlucht

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