Location " Vogelvlucht " located at Oud-Sabbinge, near Goes in Zeeland, the Netherlands.

A peaceful and safe location for people with easy going psychiatric disorders like ASD .

Also read the following mostly used Diagnostic criteria for Asperger's Syndrome

In QM all appearing mathematical problems
are solved using spinless elementary particles!
In QM complex math is used with all characteristics given by the so-called Hilbert-space.
In QM all elementary particles are described mathematically using a 4D-spacetime position which gives the position of the so-called particle.
All characteristics of this particle are given by the QM so-called state-function.
It is often assumed that
spin, i.e. intrinsic angular momentum, is described mathematical by a vectorbundel which has to be extracted from the QM state-function of this particle.
A simple SR analysis shows
spin can't be explained with the QM state-function with a vectorbundel integrated over all space around the mathematical position of  this particle.

This is why in QM spin is called intrinsic angular momentum, but is NOT understood using a SR description. In QM spin is used ad-hoc completely!

QM Point particles are able to reach exactly the same space-time position. This is why divergences occur in QM which result in many mathematical problems which are most easily solved introducing unknown spinless particles!
In QM the
ad-hoc used spin requires far too little requirements. In the standard model of QM an assumed elementary particle with
s = 3h, with h Dirac's constant, or any elementary spinless particle are all allowed in the ad-hoc used QM without any problems!

In this way all mathematical problems of standard QM are solved using spinless elementary particles.

 Among many other not mentioned elementary spinless particles which are all assumed to solve mathematical problems of the not understood QM I only mention the most impressive assumed spinless elementary particles, which are proposed to explain QM mathematically:

1. Higgs boson. Only after use of this still not found elementary particle, all
 standard model masses of all elementary particles can be added mathematically
correctly in a SR linear mathematical description, which does
NOT comply to Einstein's CAP!
2. Axion, a spin-, charge- and almost massless elementary particle is assumed to explain the dark matter and energy.
To me all dark mass and energy are completely explained by a very dense background of neutrinos.  
3. Instanton, is a difficult problem in QFT , because it's an elementary particle which mathematical is possible.
They are possible
spinless solutions of the equations of motion and result in QFT
in so-called quantum corrections of the classical solutions of the equations of motion.
4. Super partners of all fermions of the standard model described with QFT.
In the standard model all possible fermions are
spin fermions and the ad-hoc assumed Super partners appear to be spinless elementary bosons. The 3 families
of elementary particles result, using this analysis, in 3
spinless bosons, which only differ in mass. Bosons are described mathematically with closed BC and as a result of that only allow one species of each non-reducible symmetry group. Super Symmetry came to life from stringtheories in which the QM is again used ad-hoc, i.e. not understood. This mathematical analysis appears correct mathematically only after demanding this symmetry of this description, i.e.: fermions bosons.

All observed so-called
spinless appearances are only possible as compound elementary particles which resonate mathematical together.
To me it's
100% sure that any spinless elementary particle will never be detected, because such imagined mathematical constructions do not oscillate, i.e. can't carry energy! I.e. any elementary particle without any possible energy just can't be there, i.e. just is fiction!

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