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 Why still no one understands QM !?!

QM is mathematically analyzed in the infinite dimensional complex Hilbert space.
With strict logical reasoning math. makes statements (theorems) defined on objects and sets relationships between them. Mathematics can always be imagined figuratively in a linear 3D-space together with the time of the SR Einstein 4D-spacetime vectors. The linear character of mathematics, makes it a simple tool to study patterns and structures. However, curvature of space-time is therefore not automatically included, so the analysis does not necessarily comply to the CAP! In all mathematical analysis of the QM the CAP is explicitly nót included!!! And this is exactly why no one understands anything about it. As QM is taught there is nothing to understand. This is not caused by the beautiful mathematics per se, but by its wrong usage in all QM analyses.

On microscopic scales curvature of spacetime must also be taken into account, just as one does when describing the motion of planets around the Sun (Schwarzschild).
Even if
in this analysis the macroscopic curvature is negligible and a purely linear analysis is sufficient! This microscopic curvature of space-time is
mathematically easy to include in the linear analysis. Curvature implies gradual changes from the 1D-linear motion. This CAP implied curvature cannot be described with just one degree of freedom using a linear axis with an even scale, but a point of curvature at a finite distance in the 2D-plane perpendicular to the position of the described point on the 1D- worldline. So, how should QM now be re-written to create a logically consistent mathematical analysis?

As is known all elementary particles have energy directly proportional to frequency. These particle-own vibrations should appear in the 2D-plane perpendicular to the observed position of the elementary particle as mathematically described on the 1D-worldline. The maximum distance ρmax from the vibrating point compared to the average position on the world-line is now twice the minimum distance ρmin > 0. The average distance from the average worldline now is directly proportional to: <ρ> ÷ Planck length x spin x Golden Ratio . I was happy with this result, because this is exactly why the Golden Ratio is observed so frequently. The solution of the second-order DE, which basically describes the spin (helicity), had the second constant exactly equal to the Golden Ratio (φ = 1 + 1/φ). The solution space of this SR DE also explains why the QM has to be solved in complex Hilbert space. I.e. this solves problem 6 of the math. problems presented in 1900 by David Hilbert. In this mathematical symmetries analysis all elementary particles are completely explained.

Mathematically knots are only possible in SR 4D-spacetime. All (elementary) fermions described as extended particles have second-order DE which have to be solved with open BC. Bosons have to be solved with closed BC, so only contain one so-called family for ever possible symmetry group in 4D-spacetime. Open BC have one positive integer as extra degree of freedom, compared to closed BC.  This integer specifies the particle family of an elementary fermion. Our universe has 3 different families of fermions. Open BC describe elementary particles (fermions) which interact in all directions and as a result of that simple mathematical fact always interact with the gravitational field, i.e. have non-zero masses. Consequently, in a simple SR description the harmonic oscillating path of a fermion allows reversal of direction. So fermions allow knots in their harmonic oscillating path. Without fermions no sources for force-particles (bosons), so nothing at all. The only possible mathematical analysis of our reality is 4D-spacetime, because only in this space(time) knots are mathematical possible. This simple fact was proven in 2004 by Grigori Perelman.


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