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My view on elementary spinless bosons
In QM spin is a necessary characteristic of all elementary particles.

In 1998 a mathematical analysis showed me that spin just is a simple required characteristic of QM to comply to Einstein's C(omprehensive)A(ction)P(rincipe). With CAP Einstein proved that all possible actions in our 4D-spacetime universe are dependent of the spin2 gravitational action, which must be described using curvature of space-time. To my opinion this is the only reason that the gravitational action must be described using a spin2 boson.
Outside non-relevant singularities (Black Holes and so-called Big Bangs) curvature of space-time is described mathematical non-reducible with a  doubling of degrees of freedom.
Any mathematical description of this required characteristic is only possible with a linear description, to be able to differentiate and integrate quantities.

This relativistic analysis must be dealt with mathematically from a SR viewpoint, i.e. the CAP demanded doubling of degrees of freedom must be solved in a SR linear space-time.
Mathematical all elementary particles must be solved as harmonic oscillating points in the
2D-plane orthogonal to the observed direction of motion (i.e. SR worldline).
All solutions not only appeared in complex space-time, but also appeared to have all characteristics of Hilbert-space.
In this way problem 6 of the 23 problems of David Hilbert appeared to be solved exactly.

Elementary spinless particles aren't allowed mathematically.
All observed spinless manifestations are only possible as compound elementary particles, which must be described mathematical using a resonance.
An elementary spinless particle analyzed mathematically can only travel it's SR worldline. Such particles can't oscillate, i.e. can't possess any energy!

In 1988 I assumed the spinless Higgs boson to be compound, to be able to exist as a mathematical resonance.
In my finishing thesis of
1989 I described and analyzed a compound Higgs boson build from 2 fermions, a complete misunderstanding of the always used QM finally made me conclude that all elementary spinless particles are mathematically nothing but fiction.

In the in 2008 still not understood QM all frustrating not understood problems are solved using elementary spinless particles. To me this results from the mathematical fact that the only possible elementary particles are spinless in a complete linear mathematical, i.e. standard QM description, all QM not understood problems of our world are given mathematical this way.

To me it is
100% certain that an elementary spinless particle will never be observed, because such fictive mathematical constructions can't oscillate, i.e. can't carry any energy!

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