Location " Vogelvlucht " located at Oud-Sabbinge, near Goes in Zeeland, the Netherlands.

A peaceful and safe location for people with easy going psychiatric disorders like ASD .

Also read the following mostly used Diagnostic criteria for Asperger's Syndrome 


All Feynman rules of all QFT must be rewritten with extended
harmonic oscillating points in the 2D-plane orthogonal to the
observed direction of motion (SR worldline).
The spacelike constant vector explains the spin (helicity) and
the timelike constant explains why the energy of any particle
is proportional with a detected frequency. All elementary
particles aren't able to reach one another at zero-distance, but
the closest distance in any calculation will be equal to the
average  extendedness  of the harmonic oscillating particle, i.e.
of the order of the Planck length.
This removes all divergences in all QFT without the need for a
Higgs-mechanism , but instead the extended spin2 graviton must
be included in the mathematical model to explain mass correctly!
The standard
Higgs-mechanism is based on an elementary
spinless boson
(with a very high mass > 125 GeV/c2), but this
mechanism does
NOT comply to Einstein's CAP!
To me, the extended elementary particles perturbation QFT
with included the gravitational field is the mathematically most
exact description of our 4D-universe, even though it's a  pertur-
bation theory with uncountable many elementary particles!
This is explained in the following PDF: Not available yet.. .

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