My psychical and medical problems.
I am an Asperger with a passion!
For a long time, my passion was a perfect low-average blood level of my diabetes.
With anti-depressives and with focusing my view on the mathematical explanation of QM this diabetes focus has diminished.

I have diabetes mellitus starting from 1980.
From 1980 I'm a juvenile diabetic, also called a type I diabetic. In the beginning I used insulin from animals and my control of my diabetes was without any problems. But in 1987 suddenly all sort of strange problems started! At that time all animal insulin in the Netherlands were exchanged by so-called human insulin, which are produced artificial and have a structure very much like the human insulin structure. My low blood level average now suddenly resulted in not noticed hypo's and resulting coma's. Besides that, I just couldn't feel myself just as I had always felt myself. For example, I had severe stomach problems and it never felt OK. So, as a result of using the artificial insulin I couldn't keep in normal contact with my own body!
After finishing my studies in 1989, I started a PhD in theoretical Quantum-Chemistry at the (R)State u(niversity) of G(roningen). I lost my interest in research, because
QM was just used ad hoc there, without the question why QM has to be used as such!?! It also appeared that I could only be at ease with a fixation, I decided to focus on my blood-sugar levels.

Since 1998 I know that I also have an autistic non-(so-called)NT problem.
As many other extremely focused people I appear to have the so-called Asperger Syndrome. I experience this syndrome by the fact that I always make plans in advance to make sure I keep at ease under any possible stressful situation. I call this characteristic my automatic pilot. I guess this is the actual reason for my obsessive behavior!?!

Right now, I again have a safe passion:
Since I was forced into a psychiatric hospital from 4 april 1997, I was able to investigate the description of what is called physics on my own without any interference. Because, what else is possible when locked-up in disastrous psychiatry, where no-one is able to understand how you think!?! The source of this analysis was the mathematical cause of the experimentally correct Q(uantum)M(echanics), i.e. answering problem 6 of the 23 problems of David Hilbert.

And right now I've e-mailed many physicists about how to rewrite QM to comply to the CAP. Even though I received many Read e-mail confirmations I never received any reply from these STUPID physicists! And why this happens is a  GREAT question to me!


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