Location " Vogelvlucht " located at Oud-Sabbinge, near Goes in Zeeland, the Netherlands.

A peaceful and safe location for people with easy going psychiatric disorders like ASD .

Also read the following mostly used Diagnostic criteria for Asperger's Syndrome


Maarten Tom de Hoop

In 1989 I graduated in theoretical physics at the Technical university of Delft and (R)State university of Leiden. My final thesis was about the Higgs-particle described as compound particle.
After my studies I tried to enter a PhD course under supervision of Prof. Dr. G. 't Hooft, but because I had to wait for about year I finally decided to start a PhD in Quantum Chemistry at the (R)State university of Groningen.
After almost 2 years I discovered that this way of analyzing physics didn't interest me, so I returned to Delft. In Delft I started as an electro-technical engineer at TNO-TPD. Gradually more problems occurred with my diabetes and as a result of that receive a health security fee from the Dutch WAO.

In Delft I lived in a students-home for about 4 years. Only because all inhabitants watched one-another I survived these troublesome years. As a result of that I can't imagine living on my own as a safe way to live my life.
Saying this, I in fact describe why I need this secure way of living in a small secure setting, so why I need to live at the WDM. However, in february 2011 I have exchanged WDM for
Vogelvlucht because living at WDM gave me far too much stress!



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