Location "Vogelvlucht" located at Oud-Sabbinge, near Goes in Zeeland, the Netherlands.

A peaceful and safe location for people with easy going psychiatric disorders like ASD .

Also read the following mostly used Diagnostic criteria for Asperger's Syndrome

In 2020 the LHC near Geneva has Complete Non-Reducible proven that Super-Symmetry
just is human-fiction!

It isn't because they're smart nor stupid, but it's just because they do NOT understand QM!
And UNDERSTANDING spin is the MOST important property to be able to réally understand

So, let's explain the property called spin of elementary particles:

Spin is a property needed to make the SM of SR QFT (i.e. linear analyzed QM) comply to the CAP!

So, the main question is, how does one make sure the used mathematical analysis complies to Einstein's CAP!?!
This question is easily answered:
compliant description requires the mathematical description with the degrees of freedom DOUBLED!

Because, only when doubling the degrees of freedom can the demanded curvature of space-time be included in the simple (pure linear) mathematical analyses!
The CAP demanded doubling of degrees of freedom should be implemented mathematically! The only correct mathematical space MUST allow
knots, so MÚST use 4D-spacetime! However, the doubling of degrees of freedom can easily be implemented mathematical in this easily imaginable 4D-spacetime itself.

And when rewriting mathematical physics compliant to Einstein's CAP it at once appears obvious why ELEMENTARY particles have so-called "intrinsic" (not-detectable) energy proportional to a detected frequency independent of their spin values!!! The CAP-dual required doubling of degrees of freedom can only be described mathematically in the 2D-plane orthogonal to the direction of motion. The harmonic oscillation in this 2D-plane follow from Two easy-to-solve First-order Time derivative DE, and accordingly must have 2 Constants to be Able to solve these DE: The first is a constant angular-momentum, actually just the particle's spin in the direction of momentum (i.e. helicity or chirality) and the second appearing constant just is the frequency of the analyzed Elementary Particle, it's Energy proportional to it's whether or NOT (Graviton) detectable Frequency! The average extensiveness in this 2D-plane is proportional to the spin, so an elementary spinless particle can NOT carry so-called "intrinsic energy" proportional to a frequency.

This is also the reason why nobody has ever seen a spinless elementary particle in ány experiment!

QM can ÓNLY be analyzed in EASY IMAGINABLE 4D-Spacetime, i.e. the only Dimensional Space-Time that allows math. Knots needed to describe massive Fermions!!!

Fermions have to be described with Open-Boundary Conditions and Bosons have to be described with Closed-BC!

SuSy is simple human-fiction! The latest LHC revelations about the spinless Higgs No light neutralino to explain dark mass!

It has been shown at the LHC that the detected Higgs-boson just does NOT EXIST, just like the still incorrectly assumed so-called Super-Symmetry!


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