Location " Vogelvlucht " located at Oud-Sabbinge, near Goes in Zeeland, the Netherlands.

A peaceful and safe location for people with easy going psychiatric disorders like ASD .

Also read the following mostly used Diagnostic criteria for Asperger's Syndrome

John Bell's experiment on QM explained:

First of all you must be acquainted with Bell's experiments on QM : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bell_test_experiments
After that a simple explanation of Bell's theorem (1964) should be understood: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bell%27s_Theorem
A simple statistical explanation of Bell's inequalities is given in: Bells Inequalities.pdf
First of all I have to commit that to me the Bell statistical test of whether QM could be explained with so-called hidden variables or not, proves with a very high probability that there are no hidden variables.

And, as explained in my geometrical symmetry analysis of QFT hidden variables are indeed not present in any mathematical explanation of QM!

However, any valid SR QM theory, like all QFT, analysis must comply with Einstein's CAP!
This simple fact implies that all elementary particles must be described mathematically extended in the 2D-plane orthogonal to the observed direction of motion. The mathematical, i.e. SR linear, solution explains why all QM solutions must be solved in complex Hilbert space, why all elementary particles posses spin, "intrinsic angular momentum", conserved in the observed direction of motion (helicity), and why all elementary particles posses energy proportional to a detected frequency. My description of extended particles in the 2D-plane orthogonal to the observed direction of motion does not introduce so-called hidden variables, but explains spin mathematically.

My mathematical explanation of QFT is a complete geometrical symmetries analysis, and explains which elementary particles are possible and necessary in any possible 4D-space-time universe, and which characteristics all mathematically described particles have.

And spin is not a so-called "hidden variable", but a so-called "intrinsic" characteristic of all QM described elementary particles, to enable all QM descriptions of physics to comply to Einstein's CAP. Spinless elementary particles do NOT comply to the CAP!
However, up to this day, scientists have no idea what they are talking about when talking about spin, i.e. intrinsic angular momentum of a described point-particle! This is why the majority of all scientists assume a very heavy spinless Higgs boson will be found at the new LHC accelerator in CERN.
Some latest scientific views analyzed at the LHC:
Joseph D. Lykken:                Oliver Buchmuller:                Simeon Hellerman:
Is it SUSY?
                     The Search for New Physics at the LHC      Unification of String Theories
According to a geometrical symmetry analysis SUSY is NOT possible and any universe always has 4D-spacetime, i.e. NOT > 4D-spacetime as in all Super String theories!

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