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Final Conclusions:

Einstein's CAP demands all elementary particles to be described extended in the 2D-plane orthogonal to the direction of motion. This extendedness explains the QM spin completely. The elementary spinless (scalar) Higgs particle is fiction due to not taking into account the gravitational action in any QM analysis!

All 2D-string theories are mathematical wrong, because these theories assume a more then 4D-spacetime, of which 6 or 7 are contracted to the Planck-length! in a so-called Calabi-Yau manifold.

 Moreover, Superstring only is valid if Super-Symmetry is valid. Super-Symmetry contradicts any valid non-reducible description of physics on all aspects!

Albert Einstein:
 If you can't explain it simply, you jú
st don't understand it well-enough!

=> QM


Quantum Mechanics NB!
At all Universities QM models use an analyzed not even (required necessary) Complete Non-Reducible set-of easy linear, i.e. "mathematical", Point-Particles analyses. As a direct result these models have to use math. non-logical so-called "intrinsic" properties related to the analyzed 26 different stable “Quantum Particles” in our 3 Fermi-Families universe!

All stable (elem. or compound) math. "quantized" Particles always possess Energy ÷ Frequency f, E = h · f:

Always required Energies > 0 of Quantum Particles already implies NOT Point-like Spacetime-like extensiveness with required Ideal Harmonic Oscillating Properties!

& All elementary particles also have Conserved (experimental-proven) Non-Zero Angular-Momentum in the Direction-of-Motion (Helicity of the CAP-dualorthogonal zero rest-mass bosons {Graviton & Photon} & Chirality in all other “massive”-cases) related to their "oscillating" energies usually called Spin, which in QM is incorrectly assumed to be an intrinsic property of stable analyzable QM pointlike objects.

In line with Albert Einstein's theory of General Relativity any valid math. model of reality must comply to the Comprehensive Action Principle, i.e. always include the dependent, so also required, (orthogonal ónly elem. symmetrical spin 2) Gravitational-field!

NB Albert Einstein never realized these "difficult" QM requirements of his developed CAP himself, because he didn't like the non-logical behavior of these in his "math." linear logical-eyes really mis-understood “Stupid Statistical Quantum Mechanical analyses of reality!

Einstein's 1st Nobel-prize of the Photo-Electric effect proofs that the EM-field is CN represented by Photons, but he disliked the used simple Point-Particles analyses of QM, even though all particles have Energy proportional to a Frequency.

Therefore, to analyze “Quantum Mechanics” CN (math.) Logical Consistently compliant to the CAP, stable elementary and CAP-dual otherwise stable compound “Particles” must be described CN as math. dual (orthogonal in 2 different ways*) ideal oscillating identities:

Ideal Harmonic Oscillating math. Point-Waves in the 2D-Plane* Perpendicular to the Direction-of-Motion (SR worldline) with CAP- dual Open- or Closed- Boundary Conditions.   (1)

As a direct result elementary particles must have Energy proportional to a Frequency & Conserved non-zero Angular-Momentum in the direction-of-motion (Helicity of the CAP-dual 2 perpendicular zero rest-mass bosons {Graviton & orthogonal Photon} & Chirality in all other “massive”-cases). The last-property is usually called spin (in the direction-of-motion) as an incorrectly assumed so-called “intrinsic” property of elementary always analyzed math. Point-Particles in the still not-understood so-called QM A CAP-dual logical (math.) CN theory where all possible particles with all their required extended properties are explicitly described & explained CN according to (1) to math. logically explain QM spin math. necessary solved in the resulting Complex Hilbert-Space of QM.

CAP- dual, force-fields are either elementary spin 2 Symmetrical described by the orthogonal, so invisible, masses > 0 - related Graviton or analyzable spin 1 Anti-Symmetrical non-zero charge-density related force-fields, described by so-called Gauge-Symmetries. The CN Gauge-Symmetry of 4D-Spacetime & CAP- dual 4D-Momentumenergy analyses are just the always used Gauge-Symmetries of the Standard-Model U(1) x SU(2) x SU(3): U(1) x SU(2) describe the U(1) – EM-field CN describing the Photon with it's (spin) 1 x (anti-symmetrical) 6 = 6 degrees-of-freedom and the 3 SU(2) – Gauge-Symmetry both charged (non-zero charge-densities) and massive (rest-masses > zero) weak nuclear force bosons {W±, Z} mixed by the Weinberg-angle. The last possible Gauge-Symmetry, SU(3) describes the 3 Fermi-Families with only different rest-masses resulting into CAP- dual 2 x 3 = 6 different spin 1½ so-called Quarks {(up, down), (strange, charm), (top, bottom)}, which in the also not-understood so-called Quantum Chromo-Dynamics of QM are incorrectly assumed to be (stable) spin ½ fermions with as a direct result of that also required so-called also dual (spin ±½) Isospin ½!

Here it must be noted that compliant to the CAP all possible math. expressions of reality must be described with stable elementary Leptons & CAP-dual compound spin ½ fermions, i.e. Baryons, the primary-sources of all bosons. Fermions are described with Open- Boundary Conditions & Bosons must be described with Closed-BC also read expression (1).

This math. explicitly described (CAP- dual) conserved spin (in the direction-of-motion) at-once makes it evident that still assumed to be valid elementary spinless bosons (Higgs mechanism) which as a direct result just can not carry energy proportional to a frequency must be discarded as a math. incorrect assumption!
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